Just wrap our tree hanging ropes three (or more) times around a suitable branch, pass the smaller ring through the larger ring and you have a very secure anchor to attach your swing to. Comes with a threaded steel link to attach through your swings ring or rope and your swing is not only super secure it is also really easy to take down as well.


All steel fittings are marine grade 10mm stainless steel with individual breaking strains in excess of 2.5 tonnes each.


We use 24mm PolyHemp rope which looks great, matches our swing ropes and is super strong (4.5 tonnes breaking strain).


We recommend that at least three wraps around the branch to prevent friction from cutting into the bark of the branch. The images are of a 2 metre branch rope and the tree branch shown is apx 170mm in diametre.


Choose the 6M option for a basic rope swing, tie a big granny knot in the end to make a basic seat!


Alternatively, you can make your own wooden seat of course.

Swing Branch Rope