This tray is perfect for carrying our favourite drinks or morning ‘cuppa’ out to the garden.


It is made from one solid piece of premium quality oak which is carved out to leave the sides and base.


The edges have been sanded to a rounded and smooth finish, making this tray delicate to hold without losing the strength of the oak. The lightweight design makes it ideal for use on the move, allowing you to open doors with one hand, and carry your drinks in another.


Our two-cup tray comes in two sizes, a slim or chunky option, and is treated to protect the wood from any spillages which could mark it.


With room for a personalised engraving across the front, these trays make a perfect, meaningful present for anyone who enjoys a bit of outdoor peace and quiet.


Previous suggestions for engravings include:






Slim 2 Cup Tray

Our Slim 2 Cup Tray measures 24.5cm x 17cm x 3cm.

Chunky 2 Cup Tray

Our Chunky 2 Cup Tray measures 25cm x 17cm x 4cm.

Small Oak Cup Tray