We have a variety of Egg Holders to choose from,  made from premium quality 45mm thick Oak.


We have a dozen or half dozen in two different layouts choose from rectangular or long. (see line drawing in pics).


Either style look great at the back of the work surface for all to admire  allowing the rest of the surface to be used for cooking etc.


These make a perfect gift for those who love to bake and for those who have their own chickens.


Each holder can be personalised with your own choice of engraving. Popular engravings are “EGGS”, “FROM THE HENHOUSE” and “LAID BY THE GIRLS!”


6 x 1 Egg Holder 

32cm length x 6.5cm wide x 4.5cm deep

3 x 2 Egg Holder 

16cm length x 12cm wide x 4.5cm deep

12 x 1 Egg Holder 

64cm Length x 6.5cm Wide x 4.5cm Deep

6 x 2 Egg Holder 

32cm Length x 12cm Wide x 4.5cm Deep

Oak Egg Holders