Our hand bell is a fun and practical gift – a great way to call everyone to dinner or grab someone’s attention when they are in the garden.


The bell is made from cast metal with a wooden handle and is held in a specially made bracket, mounted onto a solid premium quality oak board.


The oak board is treated with superior danish oil to ensure it is suitable for inside or outdoor use.

It’s easy to hang up with two brass key slots on the reverse of the board to keep fixings hidden.


The board can be personalised with a name and a message of your choice, such as a family surname or house name. Our additional engraving, “YOU RANG MY LORD” has been exceptionally popular or you can choose your own personal phrase.


YOU RANG MY LORD or YOU RANG MY LADY can be chosen, or why not personalise with an engraving of your own choice.


Please do not hesitate to ring our bell on 01664 411320 for more information.


Board Size

The back board measures 14.5cm x 34cm x 2.5cm

Hand Bell & Personalised Board